Email List Cleaning Service

2,950,000,000 Total Email Address Verified to date.

Prevented over 678,000,000 Bounces

Helped 1000s of Email Marketers increase their ROI

Protected 10,000s Sender’s Reputation.


Quite simply, we provide the top email address verification service in the industry!


Online List Cleaning tool by Email Verifier is a robust and powerful email address validation tool built using cutting-edge technologies to ensure email marketers get the most out of their email marketing campaigns. Our infrastructure is built for developers by developers to provide seamless integration with your existing business apps. Quite simply, we make sure your email data is cleansed and prevent bounce backs that cause increased costs and inefficiencies in your business processes.


Whether you are a software developer writing code for the next best app on the market or an enterprise business wanting to prevent invalid signups and leaders, Email Verifier App is the solution for you. We handle the heavy lifting from verifying whether the domain is valid to make sure you can reach the intended recipient. We do all that in a blink of an eye. You can be confident in our results because we guarantee up to 98% deliverability rate. This is the highest in our industry and we are proud to say that we are the best.


Our Real Time API ensures you have accurate information in your hands within milliseconds so you can base your decision making on user validity almost instantaneously. Your web apps can read through our JSON responses and decide on granting a user with an account or putting them through a more elaborate vetting process. Our email address verification service does it all.


We believe one of the most efficient ways to keeping in touch with your clients is by email. This is what makes it such an important factor in having it right. Sign up forms often collect password twice to ensure they typed in correctly but fail on collecting correct email addresses sometimes. This is where we come in.


Our email verification service allows you to manage emails with up to 98% accuracy. Email addresses are your most valuable assets, and we understand that. Using our email verifier, you can count on increasing delivery rates, connect with potential customers without bounce backs, and cleanse batch of email lists you were planning to send your campaign to.


Increase your Email Deliverability

Email Verifier allows you to get better results from your email marketing campaigns by ensuring you are sending to the intended recipients. We ensure the email is valid so you can expect higher deliverability rates. Good deliverability means greater engagement rate and more business for you.


Maintain your Email Reputation

Since a majority of the transactions are done through email, it is important to ensure your email reputation is as high as it can be. Low email reputation results in your email campaigns heading straight to spam folder where your potential customers can never see it. We reduce the hard bounces and prevent your emails from getting blocked by the providers.


Reduce Fake Registrations

Sign ups are necessary for business growth because these are customers who will potentially buy something from you or will likely stay with you after that free trial. You need to get their email address right, and we allow you to do that by verifying if they entered a valid email address. We warn them if we see a typo or an invalid email. This prevents bots from registering accounts on your site that are unprofitable.


More than just Syntax Checks

We do more than just make sure if the @ symbol is present. Our 12 stage comprehensive email cleaning system ensures the domain is valid, the mail server is responding, the actual user exists and much more. In addition to that, we make sure you are not sending emails to complainers or spam-trap addresses which our competitors fail to provide.


Works for Business and Consumer Emails

It doesn’t matter if your customers are using free emails or work-based emails, we can check them all. We can accurately verify both work and free email addresses with ease. We can even verify Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL to name a few. All the verification is performed without actually sending an email through.


Use where you feel the need

You can use our email address verification service as you please. In other words, you can use our APIs to integrate into your existing custom software application, attach them to third-party integrations we support, or use directly from our control panel. You can implement our email verification API into your existing CRM or use our form validation API to verify emails entered on your forms.


Batch Email Verifications

Don’t feel like come to our website each time you have to validate a list of email addresses? Well, you don’t have to. You can use our batch verification API to verify up to 10 email lists at a time. We don’t impose any limits, and we provide you with other APIs that let you check progress and download verified results with ease all from our API.


Sign up Forms

Catch all bogus and invalid email address users by suspending any further logins from there. Prevent false sign ups that take advantage of your free trial offer without verifying their email address. Implementing our form validation API allows you to verify as soon as your customer finishes typing their email. It simplifies the sign-up process and removes the need for complex and rather annoying CAPTCHAs.


Built into your existing CRM

With our advanced email validation system, you can implement our service right into your existing CRM account and scan through invalid accounts. This saves your company time and money that would have been spent chasing up on invalid leads. Examine all the email addresses for typos, spelling mistakes, validity and much more whenever they enter their email into your database or business application.


  Increased Deliverability

We make sure your emails reach the intended recipient by providing up to 98% accuracy guarantee.


  Fast Account Setup

You can sign up while you sip your coffee. It quite literally takes less than 30 seconds with your typing speed in mind.


  Fast Turnaround

The second you upload your list, our email verification system gets to work right away. We ensure quick and accurate results.


  Industry-leading Price

We are one of the lowest, most cost-effective company in our industry. Our prices start at less than half a penny per email ($0.0009).


  Reduced Bounces

We clean your list spotless with up to 98% accuracy across all our email validations.


  More Opens, Clicks, and Leads

Stay out of the spam folder by sending to recipients that exist and increase engagement rates.


  Improved Sender Reputation

Fewer bounces mean better sender reputation. This ensures your emails will land in the inbox rather than spam folder.


  Lower Email Marketing Costs

You will end up spending less on email marketing because you will no longer be sending to invalid emails.


  Fewer Complaints

By staying compliant and ensuring fewer bounces, you can expect lower customer support burden.


  Drag and Drop

Just drag and drop your mailing list and sit back while our system does the rest.


  Individual Validation

Every email is validation for multiple things including typo checks, complainer check, spam-trap check and more.


  Easy to Download Links

We separate out emails so it saves you time download just the ones you would like to email to. We provide valid, invalid and unknown email files.


  API Access

Our service is developer friendly built by developers for developers. You can access real-time API results and validations.


  Awesome Support

Support is something we take pride in, and we make sure someone is always available to serve you when you need help.


Our email address verification service does comprehensive email checks and takes each email through our 12 innovative cleaning stages. Each stage ensures further to the validity and accuracy of that email. Here are some of the things we make sure before we give it the green mark.


  Formatting, Typos, and Syntax

This step ensures the email in question is correct in its format, without spelling mistake and has the correct syntax.


  Domain & MX Records

Each email domain is checked to ensure it is a valid working domain and that it has proper MX records for mailing.


  Disposability Check

Email is scanned against all the temporarily email address providers to ensure they are not signing up using fake temporary emails.


Team & Role Address Check

Email belonging to a group or a role (Eg. admin) is highly likely to be unresponsive and less engaging. We ensure these emails are marked accordingly for greater engagement.


  Accept All Query Check

This happens when email servers respond back to our results as valid for all the emails. They don’t allow for testing at a user level and are often risky.


  Dynamic Reporting

If we see the email server request has returned an unknown response, we try again using a different geographical location in hopes of having the correct answer.


  Server Handshake

Email is checked to ensure the actual user exists and has a mailbox on their system. Performing this step allows us to mark an email as valid.



Just choose the package that suits you. We have different pricing available based on the number of emails you have in your mailing list.



Once you choose the package, you will be taken to the signup form where you fill out details like your name, email, phone number and upload your mailing list.


3) DONE!

Our software will email you within 24 hours (usually takes 30 minutes for 50,000 emails to be cleaned) when your mailing list is clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the purpose of our email address verification service?

In simple terms, this tool allows you to verify if an email address exists. It takes in an email address and checks whether the domain is working. It then moves to MX Records and eventually tells you if the email address you provided is valid.


2. What types of payment do you accept?

Currently, we use Stripe to process all the payments. Its world-class payment system secured just like your bank account. They accept all kinds of credit cards including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


3. Are your results accurate?

We can guarantee that up to 98% of the validated emails are valid. You can be assured that your emails will reach intended recipients. However, some mail servers don’t reveal any clue as to whether an email address is valid or not. In this case, we use our techniques to determine its validity.


4. Do you record any email addresses?

Your email addresses stay with us only at the time of validation. The moment you have downloaded the file…it will automatically be deleted within 90 days, or you can manually delete it. We take privacy very seriously.


5. Do you have an API we can use?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We are working on one, and it will be available soon. Please write to us about your interest in this, and we might have it ready for you sooner.


6. I have a question you did not answer!

Please use the contact form below to send us your questions, and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.


We take privacy very seriously. We understand that you are placing your trust on our business to handle your private data. To ensure your data never gets in wrong hands, we implement inbound and outbound encryption of data. We encrypt our URLs with keys that change at regular intervals to ensure no hacker gets through to your data. We also store it offsite in a protected facility trusted by world’s leading brands.

We DO NOT sell your list or provide any details of your file to the third party in any shape or form. We do not share any data with anyone for whatsoever the reason may be. All the information transmitted to and fro is encrypted with the same encryptions that banks use when you perform online transactions.

Single Email Verification API

Allows you to verify single email address with ease. This is perfect for integrating into your existing business application or CRM. It allows to accurately verify if the mailbox user exists or is invalid. With added parameters, you can also determine if it belongs to a temporary service provider or if it is role-based and much more.

Form Validation API

Allows developers to verify email addresses on the go within their forms. This could be any of your online forms – sign up form or contact form. We can quickly and accurately verify if the entered email recipient actually exists. With added parameters, you can, for example, block all the email sign ups coming from temporary email service providers and thereby increase the quality of your leads.

Batch Email Verification API

Ideal for verifying mailing lists in bulk. This API allows you to upload up to 10 files at a time for processing. We also provide APIs to query the progress of each job and download the files programmatically once it is completed. You can verify 1000s if not millions of email addresses on the go to ensure high-quality emails stay in your database while getting rid of non-existent emails.


Starting from as low as $0.30 / 1000 emails


 No Contracts. No Hidden Charges. No Strings Attached.